Publishing And Content


  • Publication is permitted only in the competent section of the (main and sub-service) available on Forlanso platform.
  • It is prohibited to repeat a publication of the same service by the vendor in more than one section, as it is permitted only to publish a service under in the competent section only.



  • Writing using clear, standard languages that are approved exclusively on the site
  • A full Commitment to write in the space reserved for each language.
  • It is allowable to write in one or two languages when posting a service, project or contest
  • In case of writing in both languages, there is a need for full and accurate compatibility between them in terms of translation.

Title and content

  • Write a title that clearly expresses the content
  • Do not use promotional phrases as an example: better logo design, faster website design.
  • The service provider should write a service accurate description, including a detailed explanation of what the buyer will get in return for the service price. Noting that, The service provider will be completely bound by everything written in the service description, Therefore, the service description should be written carefully in details as to avoid disputes with the buyer in case any point was not quite explained. such as:
  • Realistic in determining price for a service, project or a contest.
  • It is prohibited to copy other vendors’ services and reselling them by another vendor
  • It is not allowable to post any content that violates intellectual property right


  • The service provider should upload attachments or provide links as models for the service provided, such as images, videos or both to clearly express the content of the service. It is preferable to provide multiple models
  • Do not attach any images, videos or files protected by intellectual property rights or lead to infringement of property rights.
  • Do not attach images, videos or files that are not directly related to the content of the service.
  • Do not attach low-quality images or videos.
  • Do not attach images, videos, or files with inappropriate content, sexual, or obscene content
  • Do not attach images, videos, or files that lead to a privacy violation.
  • Do not attach photos, videos, or files that exceed the space limit on Forlanso platform


  • Do not use correspondence for the purpose of advertising or promotion.
  • Do not use mail to annoy, threaten or injure others.
  • Do not use mail to spread spam.
  • Do not send any communication medium through correspondence.

Opinions and comments

  • A full Commitment to seriousness in assessing the level of service with all credibility and integrity.
  • Do not write offensive comments or comments that contain any kind of abuse or defamation to other