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Forlanso is the integrated management platform for managing remote work

Our Story

The Starting

Since the idea of remote work emerged through websites, its business model has been confined to the concept of Freelancer marketplaces, which despite their many positives, have led to some negative outcomes such as:
Limiting the concept of remote work to Freelancers
Lack of financial freedom due to control over a percentage of income deduction
Numerous restrictions on building a complete digital identity for the person, including ways to communicate with them
Lack of suitable channels and solutions in many regions for receiving financial entitlements

The Idea

This is where the idea of Forlanso began, where a group of expert entrepreneurs gathered and conducted an in-depth study to find an innovative business model that offers solutions and alternatives to the problems and obstacles faced by remote workers. Thus, the first steps of Forlanso began in establishing a comprehensive concept of remote work that is not limited to the traditional concept represented by freelance work sites and microservices.
A phased plan was put in place to start finding this model, which was based on the following foundations:
To be inclusive of the concept of remote work in its different types
To find a solution to the problems and negatives that exist in freelance work sites
Thus, Forlanso platform was established in 2021 in Dubai Silicon Oasis in the United Arab Emirates with license number 2395 to present the comprehensive concept of remote work that suits various fields of work and meets the needs of companies and individuals, and it provided solutions to financial difficulties, whether in payments or withdrawals.

The Development Journey

We will continue the development journey in tools and means of remote work and add everything new to be the leading platform in this field.
Launching an upgraded version by adding contract types for employing companies, developing more administrative and financial tools, analytics, statistics, and increasing financial withdrawal channels, in addition to providing a digital currency payment system.
Developing a financial network and providing withdrawal channels to receive entitlements in many countries in the Middle East in partnership with third parties.
Developing the feature of building a complete digital identity, which enabled freelancers and entrepreneurs to create their own platform.
Launching a beta version for dealing through microservices without deducting a commission from the seller's income.

Forlanso's Innovative Solutions

Forlanso offers a comprehensive business model for remote work, designed to meet the needs of companies, entrepreneurs, employees, and freelancers, providing the following solutions:
No commission deduction: Users earn their profits on the platform without any deductions.
Complete digital identity: We help users build a strong online presence by showcasing their skills and experiences.
Unrestricted communication: The ability to communicate with clients inside and outside the platform with ease.
Diverse payment methods: Providing a variety of secure payment methods.
Multiple means of transactions: Starting from microservices and digital products to various contracts for projects and remote employment.
Various withdrawal methods: Receiving entitlements through diverse withdrawal channels suitable for all around the world.

The Leading Innovative Model

Forlanso platform is proud to be the first Arab platform to offer an integrated management model for remote work through the following business models:
A model dedicated to company transactions with remote employees through contracting mechanisms, payment of entitlements, and managing financial affairs remotely.
A model dedicated to remote employees to contract from companies and receive their entitlements.
A model dedicated to entrepreneurs and freelancers to create their own platform and manage their transactions with their clients remotely.

Forlanso Business Model

Forlanso Business Model

The Founders

Kamal Abu Issa
Kamal Abu Issa
Founder and CEO
Abdulrahman Al-Mulla
Abdulrahman Al-Mulla
Hussein Al-Zeer
Hussein Al-Zeer