Frequently Asked Questions

Everything You Need To Know About Forlanso

To register at Forlanso platform as a service provider, please take the following steps:

  • Click on the  "Get started for free" button on the website's main menu.
  • Choose account type "service provider"
    On the registration page, you can sign up either with Google account or by email.
  • Fill out the required fields in the registration form then press "Sign Up".
  • To confirm your registration in the platform, a verification message is sent to your email you used in the registration process, please open the message and press the "Verify" button.
  • Then go to back to your profile and complete all data then press send.
  • After your profile is accepted  in Forlanso you can start adding your services.
Yes, the profiles and added services by service providers are reviewed by the competent department at Forlanso to ensure that they comply with the terms and conditions and the publishing policy adopted in Forlanso before they are approved. Service provider will receive a notification within 24 hours either by approval, or modification request, or rejection.
Yes, when you edit your profile or services after they have been accepted, then any new edits you have made will not appear in your profile or service until they are accepted by the competent team. 
No commissions are deducted from  service provider's sales at Forlanso platform. You receive the full service price in your balance at the platform. 
The business model of Forlanso platform is based on the provision of remote work management service to service providers for a monthly or annual subscription for a considerable small amount  as shown in the "prices" page. So you can consider your profile and services are more like your virtual office to manage your business with your customers, as Forlanso does not interferes in your income and the amounts you earn.
When you register in the platform you are given a free subscription. The features in both the free and paid subscription are the same. However, the paid subscription has several advantages over the free subscription, including:
  • An unlimited number of transactions.
  • An unlimited number of services .
While a free subscription allows you to add only two services in addition to a balance to 3 transactions, and after using all the 3 transactions, you need to subscribe to either the monthly or annual package to continue accepting sales orders.
You can view packages' prices through The prices link.

Your profile and services will remain active on Forlanso platform as the paid subscription is not linked or related to the profile status, and your customers will still be able to buy your services except that you can't accept the order until you upgrade your account.
Yes, he can buy the service and you will receive a purchase notification of your service; But if you have used the free transactions, you can only accept the purchase after upgrading your account and subscribing to the paid package.
Forlanso does not place any restrictions on the methods of communication between the service provider and the buyer, and you can add all your social media links in your profile .
Forlanso is your tool to manage your transactions with your customers remotely that provides you with management means, starting from creating your profile and the publication of your services, to financial guarantee between the two parties, follow-up on the completion of the work and contention in case of disputes, ending with the withdrawal of your balance.
You can see the full details of your rights through the link.