Fees And Payments

Within the framework of Forlanso work methodology in providing freelance services, it provides all financial means that enable all parties to conduct their financial processes easily. In a manner that achieves smooth dealings and guarantees their rights. Forlanso as a legal entity does not consider an authority that practices or issues any banking or financial intermediation business. Rather, Forlanso uses a third party services to conduct financial transactions, represented in payment gateways, banks, and exchange offices according to the laws and provisions of the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the laws and provisions of the third party according to the country in which they are licensed.

Website commission

  • The site is free and does not deduct any commission from the service provider for any purchases
  • The website charges transaction fees on the buyer, including finance fees for third parties, such as payment gateways and bank transfers. Transaction fees are used to cover the administrative expenses of transactions, including third-party expenses used by Forlanso to receive payments.

  • As for the paid subscriptions provided by Forlanso, ( Pricing page ) there is no option to cancel or refund the amount after completing the payment in the subscription packages.

Transaction fees

The following finance fees are incurred on payments made by the buyer through Forlanso platform:

•             Credit Cards:

•             10% + 35 US cents for payments less than $51

•             7% + 35 US cents for payments above $51

•             Bank Transfer: 4% of invoice total amount

    Payment methods

    Forlanso platform provides the following payment methods for buyers:

    •             Credit card payment.

    •             Bank Transfer Payment:

    The transferring party who makes a payment to purchase of a service or contract shall bear that the full price of the service along with the transaction fees shall be transferred to the bank account of Forlanso, that is according to the payment details that appear on the purchase page provided that no finance charges for bank transfers sent to Forlanso account or any fees incurred by the sender shall be calculated as part of the amount transferred to Forlanso.

    In case the transferred amount was less than that actual amount needed to make the payment, Forlanso platform shall be entitled to deduct the transaction fee from the received amount in the bank account and add the remaining thereafter to the service provider balance. Forlanso shall not bear any responsibility towards any party in the event of the receipt of a bank transfer below the value agreed between the two parties.

    •             Payment through the balance available in the buyer's account at Forlanso platform.

    Balance withdrawal

    Forlanso platform provides various means of withdrawing funds according to the country, as in some countries additional channels of withdrawal are available while are not available in other countries. You can find out the available withdrawal methods for the country in which you reside by choosing the balance from your account page, then press Withdrawal Request button and choose the country to display the available withdrawal channels.
    • Withdrawal transaction fees are applied by Forlanso, which may vary from country to another.
    • The withdrawal transaction fee does not include any fees imposed by a third party or the party who receives the transfer, such as Payoneer commission for receiving transfers or the Back End charge for banks. All these fees are borne by the service provider not Forlanso platform.
    • The currency by which the transfer is being received whether by US dollar or local currency is due to the receiving party that the service provider has chosen as a withdrawal method.
    • The US dollar conversion rate to the local currency rate is determined according to the banks exchange rate and the exchange offices through which Forlanso deals with regarding financial withdrawals. Forlanso does not ratify a specific or fixed exchange rate. As it varies according to market changes.
    • The financial withdrawal transactions fees varies according to countries and the amount being transferred. The applicable fees for the withdrawal transaction will be displayed once you submit the withdrawal request.

    Balance withdrawal channels

    Forlanso provides various withdrawal channels according to the country to which the withdrawal is requested. As some channels are available in countries while not available in others. It will be displayed when the service provider submit the withdrawal process and select the country. What are the available channels that are available to the service provider? In addition, how much fees for each transaction method?

    The channels available to conduct balance financial withdrawals are as following:
    1. Payoneer
    2. Bank transfers
    3. Exchange offices transfers
    4. Electronic wallets
    Available Withdrawal channels mechanisms and terms are as following:

    1. Payoneer

    • The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $5
    • Forlanso deducts 5% from the amount required to be withdrawn to Payoneer as a fee for transaction processing. This deduction does not include Payoneer fees for receiving funds.
    • The user incur any amount or fees applied by Payoneer in case of receiving funds. The fees deducted by Forlanso for the withdrawal transaction to Payoneer does not include the fees imposed and deducted by Payoneer from the transfer sent by Forlanso to the receiver.
    • The user is fully responsible for his data validity that being submitted to Forlanso platform related to his / her account in Payoneer account, in case there is an incorrect data submitted by the user, he / she is fully responsible for the financial consequences resulted from this error.

    2. Bank transfer

    Forlanso platform provides the ability to withdraw balances available for withdrawal by submitting a request to transfer them to the service provider's bank account as required details in the service provider's file settings according to the following conditions:
    • The minimum amount required to be withdrawn by bank transfer varies according to the country to which the transfer is to be made.
    • Bank transfer transaction fees are being applied according to the country and the amount of funds to be transferred.
    • any transfer could be received by US dollars in service provider bank account in case the bank account accepts US dollars transfer، as well as the country laws allow the US dollar transfer delivery rather than the local currency.
    • The service provider must choose the type of bank account currency whether US dollars or local currency. In case the service provider submitted wrong account type, this will lead to the return of the transfer by the receiving bank, and as a result, the transfer transaction fees will be deducted from service provider amount.
    For example, if the service provider bank account accepts only local currency and not US dollar, the fund will not be delivered to the account as US dollar. Rather, the amount to be withdrawn is converted into its equivalent of the local currency according to the exchange rate specified by the bank, and the service provider receives the transfer in his/ her bank account in the local currency.
    Therefore, in case a wrong choice occurred from the service provider side and an incorrect currency was specified for his /her bank account before the transfer being accepted by Forlanso, the transfer would be returned due to incorrect account type.
    • The user is fully responsible to submit correct and accurate data about his / her bank account details، along with attaching a copy of his / her passport and identity.
    • If the bank account to which the withdrawal is required is in the local currency، Forlanso platform transfers the amount to be withdrawn to the equivalent of its value in US dollars، according to the exchange rate of the banks and exchange offices that Forlanso deals with.
    • Forlanso responsibility ends when the amount is transferred to the seller bank account with US Dollar value according to the bank data submitted by the seller provider. Noting that, Forlanso platform is not responsible for any further procedures related to receiving money from the seller’s bank, whether the delivery period, converting the amount to another currency, or any deducted fees conducted by the bank for receiving money.
    • In the event that the seller provided incorrect bank data, the seller then will be fully responsible for the bank transfer fees, which will be deducted from his/ her balance on Forlanso platform, and will not be entitled to claim them.

    3. Exchange offices

    • The minimum amount required to be withdrawn through a transfer to exchange offices varies according to the country to which the transfer is to be made.
    • Bank transfer transaction fees is applied according to the country and the amount of money to be transferred.
    • The currency in which the transfer is received, whether it is a US dollar or a local currency determined by the receiving party (Exchange offices) in the country to which the withdrawal was requested.
    • The fees deducted by Forlanso for conducting a transaction transfer to exchange offices do not include any fees required from the receiving party such as the exchange offices, as the service provider bears any additional fees for receiving the transfer from the exchange office.
    • The third party, represented by exchange offices that receive the money, are determined according to the country.
    • In case service provider submitted incorrect data, will totally bear any fees that were applied to the money transaction that will be deducted from his/her balance in Forlanso platform, with no right to claim for them later on under any condition.

    4. Electronic wallets (Vodafone Cash, Etisalat Cash, Orange Cash, Aman Wallet)

    • 5% is deducted by Forlanso from the amount required to be withdrawn to the electronic wallet as a fee for conducting the transaction. This deduction does not include the electronic wallet fees in receiving
    • You must enter the correct data required to transfer to the wallet, whether it is an email, username, or phone number.
    • Funds are received in the currency specified by the third party provider of the e-wallet service.
    • The fees deducted by Forlanso to perform the transfer transaction to the electronic wallet do not include any fees required from the receiving party, as the service provider bears any additional fees for receiving the transfer from the electronic wallet.
    • In the event that you enter wrong or incorrect data, you will bear any expenses and fees that were applied to the transferred transfer and will be deducted from your balance on the Forlanso platform, and you have no right to claim them.

    Binding Cautions

    • All financial and legal transactions conducted on Forlanso platform are governed by United Arab Emirates law.
    • Service provider is responsible for the data provided in the withdrawal request.
    • Service provider is not entitled to request any financial withdrawal in the name of another person, as the bank transfers are sent to the service provider registered in Forlanso platform only according to the data provided by the service provided to the platform. In case the service provider does not have a bank account, it is allowed to provide a first level relative bank account such as father, brothers, children, wife or husband only. The service provider is fully responsible for granting the authority for the relative to perform withdrawal processes and money transfers on behalf of him in Forlanso platform.
    • To perform any withdrawal process, service provider must first document his/her identity according to the identity documentation procedures by providing official documents issued by his / her country, such as a passport or personal identity exclusively.
    • It is forbidden to use Forlanso platform as a means of financial transfers that are not resulting from legal transactions represented in contracting or selling online services between the service provider and the buyer.
    • Forlanso platform management has the full right to suspense any financial transaction conducted on the site, whether it is a purchase, withdrawal of funds, in the event that, there is a doubt about the legality of these transaction, the amount is suspended then until all legal measures are taken to confirm the legality of the transaction.
    • Forlanso platform has the full right to require for further documents and proofs whether personal or financial transactions from any registered member in the platform.
    • Forlanso platform has the full right to refuse any financial transaction, whether it is for other sites or bank transfers, in case this transaction violates United Arab Emirates laws like dealing with a bank account of a country that United Arab Emirates prohibits any financial transaction with, or for any other legal reasons.
    • The user is legally responsible for any financial consequences arising from any kind of fraud or misleading data used for financial transfers issued by the Forlanso platform.
    • The user is fully responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the submitted information, such as his Payoneer and bank account, and he is not entitled to authorize anyone on his behalf to use it in any transaction through Forlanso platform.