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It is widely known that all freelance platforms charge commission on projects done by service providers, which is a basic registration condition on those platforms; however, in Forlanso platform it is completely different.

Over the past decade, online freelancing has grown exponentially, and will increase over the next few years undoubtedly; freelancers are expected to represent about 80% of the total workforce worldwide by 2030.

The importance of freelance platforms is increasing simultaneously with the increase in the demand for freelancing. Freelance platforms has now become a major option for service providers, who have only two options; either by working through freelance platforms which guarantee them their financial rights and in return charge a commission for the services provided on their platforms, or by trying to find projects outside of those platforms but with no guarantee of getting paid.

Hence, a question arises … Is there a commission-free freelance platform?

Forlanso a promising commission-free platform to hire best talents

It is well known that all freelance platforms charge commission on projects done by service providers, which is a basic registration condition on those platforms; however, in Forlanso platform it is completely different.

In 2021, Forlanso platform was launched with the aim to provide a comfortable workspace for service providers ensuring their full financial rights i.e. to receive their full charges with zero commission, which is an advantage that other platforms do not provide.

Registering on freelance platforms means that there are many competitors in your field of specialty, which consequently decreases your chance of getting projects. On the contrary, you can get suitable opportunities and projects outside those platforms, however, without any guarantee of receiving your charges. On the other hand, Forlanso comes with a different and innovative work system for service providers in the first place.

As a service provider, if you have a good base of clients outside freelance platforms and hesitate to deal with them through those platforms in order not to lose a part of your charges as a commission, you can invite them to buy your services on Forlanso platform, where you do not have to worry about the commission at all.

If you are a remote employee i.e. working for a company from home, you can work for your company through Forlanso. Forlanso will make it easy for you and will help you to complete your job perfectly. The secure payment system at Forlanso prevents delay in payment, and facilitate following up with the employer. Thus, "Forlanso" is a Virtual Office that Improves Remote Work Experience.

Forlanso guarantees that you will get your full charges upon completion of the project, because the balance remains on the platform and is transferred to the service provider upon delivering the service.

Why is Forlanso the ideal option for service providers?

Freelance platforms, of course, help service providers grow their careers, as they act as an intermediary between the service provider and the client. In other words, it is a meeting room where qualified and talented freelancers form anywhere in the world can find job opportunities, communicate with entrepreneurs, and get paid through it.

Whether you are a novice freelancer or you have a broad experience in your field, you will need freelance platforms to ensure getting paid as well as finding clients. With the existence of many freelance platforms, it can be difficult for the service providers to choose the best platform to offer their services that would help them to find excellent opportunities and build a good client-base.

Forlanso freelance platform is an ideal option for service providers, because it provides them with many advantages, most notably:

1)   Secure and commission-free payment system

The biggest problem that service providers face is the high commission charged by freelance platforms. The commission may reach 20% or 30% on some platforms, which is annoying for service providers, especially the novices who work on small budget projects.

It is great that Forlanso does not charge a commission on commercial projects carried out through its platform. It is even the first freelance platform that does not deduct a commission at all, which is an important advantage as service providers can withdraw the total amount of their profits without any commission.

2)   No balance suspension

Balance suspension is one of the problems that bothers service providers, as sometimes balance is suspended for a long period of up to several weeks. Forlanso solved this issue, so service providers can withdraw their profits once the project is delivered.

Do you have a client-base outside of freelance platforms? Then, invite them to deal with you through Forlanso platform, where you do not have to pay any commission for the tasks you do for them.

3)   Multiple cash withdrawal options

Forlanso has facilitated the process of cash withdrawal for service providers by offering multiple withdrawal options. Unlike other freelance platforms that offer only one method for cash withdrawal – usually via PayPal – which represent a problem for some service providers who do not have a PayPal account or may have trouble using this method in their countries. Forlanso has solved this issue by providing various withdrawal methods, where service providers can withdraw the available balance in his account via PayPal after delivering the project, or by bank transfer, which is an easy method preferred by many service providers, or through Algeria Post, a preferred method for Algerian service providers.

4)   Minimum withdrawal limit

Sometimes the amount available for withdrawal is a problem for service providers, as service provider may not be able to withdraw his profits after completing one or more projects because the amounts has not reach the minimum withdrawal limit.

To make it easier for service providers, Forlanso allows the ability to withdraw any available amount in their balance. A service provider can withdraw $10 via PayPal and $50 via bank transfer. This is the lowest amount available for withdrawal on freelance platforms.

Forlanso is the first freelance platform that do not charge a commission from service providers.

5)   Various payment methods

The commission-free idea will certainly motivate service providers to bring clients and deal with them through Forlanso. Forlanso offers multiple payments methods for clients, so that they do not to face any problem when paying services through the platform. Clients could pay with credit card, via PayPal, or balance available in the user account on the platform.

Offering multiple payment methods will certainly make it easier for clients; therefore, service providers could attract more clients and deal with them through Forlanso.

6)   Wide range of fields

Forlanso provides a wide range of freelance fields, including writing and translation, graphic design, marketing, programing and technology, motion graphics, video and audio editing, website analysis, SEO, presentations, data entry, and more fields and sections that allow service providers to find job opportunities that match their skills.



Forlanso platform provides service providers with different advantages, which makes it the best choice for freelancing. Forlanso does not deduct any commission from service providers, and does not suspend balance, as is the case in other platforms, in addition to offering various payment and withdrawal methods of the minimum amount available.

All these advantages motivate service providers to sign up on the platform and make it a virtual office for them, so they can do their work professionally and get their full profits with zero commission. In other words, Forlanso creates a comfortable and hassle-free work experience for business owners and service providers. 

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Forlanso a Promising Commission-Free Platform to Hire Best Talents

It is well known that all freelance platforms charge commission on projects done by service providers, which is a basic registration condition on those platforms; however, in Forlanso platform it is completely different.

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