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Nowadays, remote work became more popular than anytime ever before, as it has opened the door to hiring talented and skilled people no matter where they are. This system allows employees to work outside traditional offices. It is based on the concept that work does not need a specific place to be done. Since it is more flexible, it enables freelancers to work on their projects wherever they want.

Remote work can be divided into two types; first of which is the remote full-time or part-time jobs where companies allow employees to work outside the company.

The second type is freelancing, where a person works for his own, relying on his/her skills and talents as a "service provider" or a "freelancer". The freelancer displays his/her services on or outside freelance platforms then gets employed for a defined period to do specific tasks.

Believing in the importance of remote work and its various advantages for employees and business owners, Forlanso platform seeks to support remote employees and service providers to find a comfortable trouble-free work environment. A platform that helps them to complete their work successfully and guarantees their full financial rights by managing their business through Forlanso, which operates as a virtual office enhancing the remote work experience.

Why (to use) Forlanso?

Forlanso aims to provide a comfortable and different workspace that enhances remote work experience, where freelancers and service providers can manage their businesses through Forlanso, giving them guarantee of their financial rights and even getting their full charges with zero commission.

Forlanso…a platform supporting service providers

If you are a service provider, freelance platforms certainly help you get projects, but in return, those platforms get an amount of your profits as a commission, which in some platforms may reach 20% or 30%. This means that you lose part of your charges in exchange for adding your services on those platforms and ensuring to get your profits - which you may lose if you did projects outside freelance platforms. In case you have received suitable job offers outside of these platforms, what guarantees you that you will get paid after completing the required tasks?

You may have heard about a client who deceived a service provider and did not pay him/her after completing the project. You may -Yourself- have encountered such a situation with one of the clients you worked for outside freelance platforms. Certainly, when you have registered in those platforms, you were surprised to know that they deduct an amount of your profits as a commission.

Ads published on several websites, such as Google, LinkedIn and social media do not guarantee the service providers to get their charges after completing the work. However, it may help many service providers to find projects and get full charges without deducting a commission like many freelance platforms.

Therefore, Forlanso platform adopts a different work system that allows service providers to complete their projects through the platform without deducting any commission i.e. the service provider receives his/her full charges, which is an exclusive feature that is not provided by any other freelance platforms.

If the service provider has a base of clients outside the freelance platforms, it will be ideal for them to work through Forlanso, which creates a comfortable space for him to work, discuss and communicate with project owners. At the same time, it guarantees him getting his charges without any delay, and without deducting any amount of it, so it gives him his full charges. Thus, Forlanso is the first freelance platform that does not take commission from service providers.


Increasing income

If you think carefully, you will find that the zero commission in Forlanso platform will help service providers to get more job opportunities compared to other work platforms, how?

Many service providers seek to work through freelance platforms to get offers suitable for their skills, which means that the competition on those platforms is big. Whatever your field is, you will find many competitors, which reduces your chances of getting projects.

While you may have some opportunities outside freelance platforms, which you might be excited about as a service provider because you will get your full charges, some project owners may also want to deal with you outside freelance platforms, in order not to charge them for higher price than usual to compensate for the amount deducted as commission.

Forlanso supports service providers, as it does not impose any commission on the projects completed through it, so that service providers can complete many projects through Forlanso without worrying about commission. They may reassure the project owners that the work will be done at the usual rates, and there will be no increase on the rates to compensate for the commission rate. Emphasizing that completing projects through Forlanso will guarantee the project owner his full rights, so that communication is easier, and if the work is not implemented as required or there is a delay in the delivery date, the project owner may ask the customer support in the platform for help to solve the problem and complete the required work successfully.

There is no doubt that these advantages will help you to get more opportunities and encourage many project owners to use your services.

"Forlanso" is a virtual office for remote employees

Remote employees can manage their work through Forlanso at no cost.

If you are a remote employee and work for a company, full-time or part-time, you can now register on Forlanso platform and start working with your company through it. Forlanso serves as a virtual office for remote workers, practicing their work through it comfortably and safely, where all tools are made for them to communicate and conduct discussions with employers to complete tasks professionally, as well as help resolve any disagreements that may occur between the employee and the employer.

What distinguishes Forlanso the most is that it provides remote employee with a secure payment system that prevents delays in payment and ensures that he receives his full charges after completing the work, which enhances the remote work experience and makes it easier and safer.


There is no doubt that in the coming years, the shift towards remote work will increase, becoming the default mode of work all over the world. Many technologies and projects can help companies make this transition happen smoothly, as well as help freelancers to complete their work professionally and secure their financial rights.

Forlanso is one of the projects that looks forward to enhance the remote work experience, by providing a comfortable workspace with many advantages for service providers and remote employees. In the near future, Forlanso aspires to add other improvements and advantages that allow its users to manage an entire company remotely through the platform, ensuring project owners to complete their work as required and remote employees to receive their full charges, thus providing a distinct and supportive work environment for both parties.



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"Forlanso" a Virtual Office that Improves Remote Work Experience

Forlanso aims to provide a comfortable and different workspace that enhances remote work experience, where freelancers and service providers can manage their businesses through Forlanso, giving them guarantee of their financial rights and even getting their full charges with zero commission.

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