Know your Rights


Forlanso Platform plays an essential role as a financial rights guarantor agent that guarantees all the financial rights for both (Purchasers and Services providers) in all services’ sections provided by the Platform. Any amount of payments deposited by the purchaser is reserved in Forlanso custody until the purchaser receives the service he/she purchased as agreed between the two parties. In addition to his/her fully confirmation of receiving his/her service, after which the payments will be released to the vendor (service provider) after deducting the financial percentage shown for Forlanso platform.

Forlanso platform does not assume any responsibility towards any party in case of any communication, agreement, payment or service delivery between the vendor (service provider) and the purchaser outside Forlanso platform.

In order to ensure your rights always follow the following rules:

General cautions for both (vendors and purchasers):

  • All types of communications or agreements to be carried out within Forlanso platform through correspondences or workspace assigned to the required services.
  • Do not rely on verbal understandings in holding agreements. As a full explanation of agreements must be written in full text with detailed description, including price and duration of accomplishment.
  • Do not reveal any unnecessary personal information for carrying out a deal with the other party including any information related to your accounts or financial matters granting the second party a full right to use them directly or indirectly.
  • Make sure from the received service before pressing the "Accept Delivered " button.
  • In case of any shortage, change or non-conformity of the received service made by the vendor, the purchaser can request to re-review the delivered service as required in the agreement held between the two parties.
  • In case, the purchaser refuses to receive the service for violating the agreement or delayed in receiving the performed service according to the conditions has been agreed upon between two parties. or, in case of any dispute occurred between the two parties without reaching to a resolution, then the complainant party will be assisted by technical support just by pressing the "Dispute" button and the technical support will contact the complainant within 24 hours and work to resolve it.
  • By pressing the "Accept Delivered" button, it means that the purchaser confirms that he/she has received the required service and that he/she is quite satisfied with it. Therefore, the amount of money sent by the purchaser will be released to the vendor’s account.


The Purchaser:




  • Browse services precisely in the field you are looking for, to match it with the service you need in terms of description, featured services, price, and delivery time.


  • Check out the vendors’ profile to learn about their skills, their speed of contact, and the last time they have an activity on the site.


  • In case of sold services, check the purchasers’ views and their evaluation to the vendors (service providers) to help you in taking the appropriate decision.
  • It is Preferable to contact the vendor (service provider) before buying the service if there are additional inquiries or further clarifications you want to inquire about, by taking into account that service description provided by the vendor is what you are going to receive in the agreement between both of you through the purchasing process.
  • In case of any desired featured service. The purchaser can send a featured service request to the vendor through his profile contains the details of the required featured service and the price provided by your party and the delivery time.
  • After purchasing a service and the vendor did not respond nor connected to the workspace for more than 48 hours, the purchaser can request service cancellation and a refund of the full amount that will be transferred directly once again back to his account in Forlanso platform.
  • After purchasing the service and receiving vendor response, the purchaser will be contacted with the vendor through the assigned workspace that includes the service details and the delivery time, which allows the purchaser to control his purchasing order progress, whether submitting a receipt or complaint or review request.
  • After receiving the service and confirming receipt by clicking the "Receive" button, the amount paid by the purchaser will be released to the vendor. The purchaser then cannot claim for the amount after performing this step.
  • After the service receipt, the purchaser will be directed to the service evaluation page to select an appropriate evaluation, writing comments on the provided service level, furthermore, how far the provided service was worthy.



  • 2. vendors


  • Vendors should be careful to write accurate, complete and consistent details of their expertise and skills in the services they provide.
  • Vendors should make sure to log in to Forlanso platform daily and respond immediately to any correspondence they receive or requests for services or approvals upon their proposals for a project or contest
  • The service required will be carried out as agreed between the two parties, the vendor and the purchaser.
  • The vendor is entitled to ask for extra fees in case the purchaser asked for further featured services that are not included in the agreement on which the purchasing process was made
  • The vendor should study precisely the featured services sent by the purchaser before submitting an approval and after confirming his/her, ability of performing what is required accurately, in addition to his/her agreement to the provided price.
  • If the vendor agrees upon a featured service sent by a purchaser without any modification done from his/her side. The content of the submitted featured service represents an agreement between the two parties, the purchaser and the vendor.
  • It is preferable that the required service not to be delivered within 24 hours in order to allow Forlanso platform enough time to ensure from the legality of the payment process like no stolen card or payment method was used. As Forlanso does not bear any responsibility towards the vendor in case of using a stolen card or other illegal payment method. Furthermore, the purchasing process and all its consequences will be canceled.
  • The vendor should not perform any service or project before receiving an informing notification that a payment process is done by the purchaser.
  • If the purchaser received the required service as agreed between the two parties, in addition to the vendor's confirmation of service delivery, the amount paid to the vendor’s account will be released after deducting the financial dues of Forlanso platform.
  • In case of any delay occurs from the purchaser side in confirming the receipt of the service or a dispute that cannot be resolved between the two parties, the vendor can submit a technical support complaint, which will responded within 24 hours.
  • If the buyer does not confirm the receipt for seven days, the service will be considered done. In addition, the amount of money will be released to the vendor account at Forlanso platform.


3. Disputes

In case of any disputes or objections, Technical Support is the sole and the authorized entity concerned with disputes resolution and adjudication, of which its reference is limited to its terms, conditions, cautions and publications issued by Forlanso Platform on the web site

4. Cancellation policy

Forlanso Platform has the full right to cancel an agreed service in case of any harm or failure occurred by any of the two parties, or in case of one of the two parties did not obtain his/her own dues and submitted a complaint. After verifying the validity of the complaint and ensure that a violation of the terms and conditions of Forlanso has occurred, the resulting party will be charged for any losses or costs incurred by the cancellation process, whether for the other party or for Forlanso platform.

5. Refund policy

If a refund is returned because of a cancellation or dispute, it will be returned to the account of the purchaser account at Forlanso platform, after which the purchaser will either use the balance in purchase or withdrawal request according to the withdrawal procedures shown in Forlanso platform terms and conditions.