Fees and payments


Site commission


Forlanso gets 15% of any purchases of sold.

The percentage of commission is deducted from the vendor before the release of the due balance after the completion of the sale and delivery of the service.

The purchaser does not pay any fees for the site and does not have to pay any amounts other than the service amount.


Payment methods


Forlanso platform offers three types of payment methods to purchase services:

Payment by credit card

Payment through PayPal account

Payment through the available balance in the user’s account on the website.


Withdraw balance


Forlanso offers two methods of withdrawal from the available balance of the user’s account by:

Transfer the balance to the user account in PayPal according to the following conditions:

- Minimum amount available for withdrawal $ 10.

- The user is abide by any costs or charges applied by PayPal in case of receiving the funds.

- The user is abide by the credibility of his registered data in Forlanso platform regarding to his/her account in PayPal and in case of any mistake in his/her registered data, the user bears the financial implications of this mistake.


Bank transfer


Forlanso platform provides the ability to withdraw the user available balance by submitting a request of money transfer to the user’s own bank account, which the user has previously registered in his/her configuration file under the following conditions:

- Minimum amount available for withdrawal through bank transfer is $ 50

- The user charges $15 as a transfer fee to the bank account deducted from his account before the transfer process takes place.

- The user is responsible for writing a credible and accurate information regarding his/her bank account, along with a copy of his passport and ID.

- Forlanso converts the amount to be withdrawn in terms of its current value to US dollars and the exchange rate of AED 3.69 to the US dollar.

- Forlanso responsibility ends up once carrying out the transfer process to the user’s account in US dollar, according to the user’s registered bank data. As Forlanso platform is not abide by any responsibility regarding receiving the amount from the user’s bank either regarding the delivery period or transferring the amount to another currency.

- If the user registered incredible or incorrect bank statements, the user bears the bank transfer charges, which are deducted from his/her balance on Forlanso platform and has no right to submit a claim.


Binding cautions


- All financial and legal transactions in Forlanso platform are subjected to UAE law.

- Forlanso has the right to refuse a bank transfer in case it violates the UAE laws, whether the bank account is in a country that prohibits financial transactions or other legal reasons.

- The user is abide by the legal liability and the financial consequences in case of any kind of fraud or incredibility in registering data used for financial transfers from Forlanso platform.

- The user is abide by a full responsibility of unrevealing his/her provided confidential information such as PayPal account and bank account. Meanwhile, the user has no right to delegate a person on his behalf for taking any action through Forlanso platform.